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Services University (Summer School on Services Computing)

Together with the 7th IEEE 2011 World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011), Services Society proudly announces the 2011 Summer School on Services Computing (SU-2011). SU-2011 is a one-day forum,  sponsored by Services Society. IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing (TC-SVC) provides technical co-sponsorship to SU-2011. SU-2011 will be held on July 5, 2011 (Tuesday). In this Summer School, Services Computing body of knowledge areas are presented to create, deploy and manage cloud computing platforms and applications.

SU-2011 is now calling for participation. Eligible applicants shall be (1) professors in universities whose teaching and research areas are related to Cloud Computing, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web services, Web technology, Software Engineering, IT, and management or (2) industry practitioners who have experiences in services software design and development and are willing to get more involved in Services Computing community.


Services now account for more than half of the U.S. economy and are rapidly adopted by most of the countries in the world. As a foundational discipline in the modern services industry, Services Computing addresses how to enable IT technology to help people perform business services more efficiently and effectively. 

Services Society (, a professional organization, is promoting research and technical collaboration on Services Computing (SC) based Modern Services Science among academia and industrial professionals. Services Society is a dedicated not-for-profit organization (501(c)(3) status has been approved by IRS, USA) of promoting “Services University” program worldwide with collaborations with other organizations such as IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing (TCSVC), which was founded in 2003. Since then, IEEE TC-SVC has sponsored a series of flagship international conferences including: IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC), IEEE Asia Pacific Services Computing Conference (APSCC), European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS), and World Congress on Services (SERVICES). In 2008, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing (TSC) was formally launched. IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD) was also launched in 2009.

IIn order to further Services Computing education in universities so as to educate qualified professionals, a pilot Services University (SU) program was launched at the 2007 IEEE Congress on Services (SERVICES 2007) in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The SU program comprises three major activities: Services Computing Schools, certificate development, and education methodology summit. In 2008, we successfully organized the Summer School on Services Computing in July in Hawaii and the Fall School on Services Computing in September in Beijing. In July 2009, we successfully organized the Summer School on Services Computing in Los Angeles, USA. In Sept. 2009, the Fall School on Cloud Computing was conducted in Bangalore, India. In July 2011, we successfully organized the Summer School on Services Computing in Miami, Florida, USA.


The central goal of SU-2011 is to help educators teach Services Computing courses in their institutes, while helping industry practitioners obtain comprehensive understanding of the emerging field. The Summer School aims to help participants understand the overall picture of Cloud Computing in the field of Services Computing, its rationale, foundations, architectural models, and industry-oriented applications and successful cases. Specially, some major solution architectures, enabling technologies and innovative research methods are captured in the whole lifecycle of services innovation research, including business componentization, services modeling, services creation, services realization, services annotation, services deployment, services discovery, services composition, services delivery, service-to-service collaboration, services monitoring, services optimization, as well as services management. 

Participants of this Summer School will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the "Services Computing" curriculum initiative and of research advancement of Cloud Computing as its scalable service delivery and consumption platform. Using the recommended text book "Services Computing" as the basic materials, this Summer School aims to help participating educators and consultants offer "Services Computing"-related courses independently. Other teaching materials will be provided and studied as well, including lecture notes and slides associated with the book.

CURRICULUM (*subject to change)

The main topics from Services Curriculum and their strategic directions will be covered in the summer school. 

  • Session 1: Foundations of Services and Services Computing

  • Session 2: Foundations of Cloud Computing

  • Session 3: Business Process Integration & Mgmt, and Business Cloud

  • Session 4: Information Assurance in Cloud Computing

  • Session 5: SOA (Modeling, Publishing, Invocation, Relationship, & Standards) based Cloud Computing

  • Session 6: Services As Software and Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Session 7: Security and Privacy in Services Computing

  • Session 8: Modern Services Consulting Methodologies and Practices 


Liang-Jie Zhang, Jia Zhang, Hong Cai, Services Computing, 2007, Springer Verlag and Tsinghua University Press.


SU-2011 will invite experienced instructors to deliver the Summer School on Services Computing.

SU-2011 is open free to all ICWS/SCC/CLOUD/SERVICES 2011 participants.