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IEEE 2011 Fifth International Workshop on Software Engineering for Adaptive Service-oriented Systems (SEASS’11)

Washington DC, USA, one day between July 5-10, 2011

in conjunction with IEEE ICWS 2011, SCC 2011, CLOUD 2011, and SERVICES 2011  





SOA is an architectural style for building loosely coupled and composite systems. The complexity and scale of such composite systems is increasing rapidly and often involve a large number of parties effectively forming a large-scale software ecosystem. The evolution and use of these systems can be both planned and unplanned. All these impose new challenges for adaptive service systems at their design, development and deployment stage. For instance, designing and evolving services that accommodate a wide range of innovative third-party applications using the services requires serious adaptability engineering. Examples include open service APIs of popular web applications for mashup purposes and third party web apps.


In the previous series of this workshop, the papers have addressed some of the issues from the aspects of individual adaptive software architectures, adaptive service level agreement and versioning, development and testing processes for adaptive systems and deployment through adaptive infrastructures such as cloud computing. In the 5th edition of this workshop we aim to broaden the scope by addressing topics that take into the consideration of Internet-scale applications involving many external parties, mashups and platforms within an ecosystem context. The aim of SEASS 2011 is to encourage academic researchers and industry practitioners to present and discuss all adaptability-related research and experiences in a very broad spectrum of service oriented computing.

List of topics

§  Adaptive platforms and mashup applications

§  Adaptive software ecosystems

§  Software architecture support for enhancing SOA adaptability, including standards and protocols proposal or extension for dynamic collaborations among services

§  Accountability of services, including mechanisms, algorithms and methods to monitoring, analysing and reporting service status and usage profile.

§  Capacity planning of services running on the cloud

§  Security and trustworthy in multi-tenancy service hosting environment 

§  Web services for data intensive computing and scientific workflows

§  Patterns, best practices and experience report adaptive cloud applications

§  Automated deployment and configuration of services on cloud

§  Adaptive business process, service deployment process,

§  Negotiation protocols for SLA and dynamic service binding

§  Testing, configuration and deployment for adaptive service management


Important dates

·      Paper Submission     Feb. 21, 2011

·      Decision Notification (Electronic)   March 21, 2011

·      Camera-Ready Submission & Pre-registration  April 8, 2011


Paper submission

Authors are invited to submit full papers (about 8 pages) or short papers (about 4 pages) as per IEEE 8.5 x 11 manuscript guidelines ( All papers should be in PDF and submitted via the submission system at First time users need to register with the system first. All the accepted papers by the workshops will be included in the Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE 2011 World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2011) which will be published by IEEE Computer Society.

Workshop chairs

Liming Zhu, Senior Researcher

NICTA (National ICT Australia) and University of New South Wales


Jenny Yan Liu, Senior Research Scientist

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory , USA.


Shiping Chen, Senior Research Scientist

CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia


Ian Gorton, Associate Division Director

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory , USA


Program committee

·      Gustavo Alonso, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

·      Danilo Ardagna, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

·      Ivona Brandic, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

·      Hong-Mei Chen, University of Hawaii , USA

·      Geoff Coulson, Lancaster University, UK

·      Lorenz Froihofer, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

·      Jun Han, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

·      Matti Hiltunen, AT&T Labs, USA

·      Hans-Arno Jacobsen, University of Toronto, Canada

·      Marin Litoiu, York University, Canada

·      Heiko Ludwig, IBM Research, USA

·      Pat Martin, Queens University, Canada

·      Cesare Pautasso, University of Lugano, Switzerland

·      Vladimir Tosic, National ICT Australia

·      Chen Wang, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia

·      Yun Yang, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

·      Xin Ye, Dalian University of Technology, China

·      Ge Yu, Northeastern University, China

·      Liangzhao Zeng, IBM Research, USA